Baroness Warsi / Oman Observer March 19, 2014

UK Minister of State for Faith and Communities and Senior Minister at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

(...) "When speaking to an eminent gathering at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque on the subject of sectarian harmony, I was reminded by a member of the audience that we should not speak of mere ‘tolerance’ but should instead be aiming for genuine co-existence. His reminder was right, and it was important to hear that sentiment in a country which is at the heart of a number of regions that have for so long struggled with that ideal." (...)

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US State Department's International Religious Freedom Report 2012: Oman

(...) "The government promoted tolerance and interfaith understanding through continued support of an endowed professorship of Abrahamic Faiths and sponsorship of ten Omani students in a religious pluralism program at Cambridge University. The government, through MERA, continued to publish Al Tafaham (Understanding), a periodical devoted to broadening dialogue within Islam and promoting respectful discussion of differences with other faiths and cultures. It included articles by Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu religious scholars. The government sponsored the opening of the Center for International Dialogue in Lebanon, whose purpose was dialogue between different faiths. The government also brought many scholars of different faiths, including Christianity and Judaism, to speak on tolerance and interfaith understanding at the Grand Mosque. These lectures were given in English and Arabic." (...)

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Oman: An Oasis of Tolerance / The Free Library, April 2014

The article focuses on Oman and the country's religion, politics and government. Topics discussed include the sultanate features of the country, the tolerance of Oman to other religion, and the role of the country as a negotiator between Iran and the West. It also discusses the difference of Ibadi Muslims to other followers of Islam.

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In Your Light do we see the light. God's invisible reality and Monotheism

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Feininger at Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muscat, 13. February 2011

Muslims and Christians becoming aware of a common task
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Feininger at the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs, Muscat, 14. February 2011

A Muscat Manifesto
Seeking Inter-Faith Wisdom by Prof. David F. Ford, University of Cambridge, 2009

Growing Ecologies of Peace, Compassion and Blessing
A Muslim Response to 'A Muscat Manifesto' by Arif Ali Nayed, Kalam research & Media, Dubai, 2010

Ibadi Islam: An Introduction
by Prof. Valerie Hoffmann, University of Illinois

A Common Word between Us and You
Summary and Abridgment