Hanns Seidel Fondation, Munich, Germany

27th March 2012


On March 27, 2012 the German-Arabic Friendship Association (Deutsch-Arabische Freundschaftsgesellschaft e.V., or DAFG) sponsored a conference in cooperation with the Bavarian Economic Union. His Excellence Dr. Salem Bin Nasser Al Ismaily, Chairman of the Omani Investments and Export Authority, promoted investment in Oman to the more than 100 chiefs of German industry.



Opening remarks were presented by Dr. Otto Wiesheu, former Economics Minister of Bavaria and current president of the DAFG. He made the point that the tolerant, open and very pragmatic economic policy of the Sultanate is clearly the reasons for its flourishing.

Dr. Al Ismaily supplemented those remarks by explaining that during the last 40 years the government of Oman has placed special importance on education, and taking care that the same professional and career opportunities are provided to women as to men. Also related is the fact that Oman has a very level-headed policy of peace with all of its neighbors: no country can benefit economically from war. Therefore Oman is bound in friendship with all and is at enmity with no one.


Georg Popp, the Secretary-General of the German-Omani Association (Deutsch-Omanische Gesellschaft e.V.) concluded the remarks by noting the special role of Ibadism in the development of a modern Islamic society in Oman, and invited the guests to examine the exhibition entitled "Modern Oman" which was presented in the foyer of the conference room.

The participants each received a copy of the brochure "Religious Tolerance: Islam in the Sultanate of Oman" and a DVD with the documentary film on the same subject.