Women in Oman

Omani women today have the force of law protecting their full political rights. Women are as much involved politically in society as men. They have the right to vote and to run for election.


Women hold ministerial posts in the Sultanate and have been appointed as ambassadors abroad. Female members of parliament are present in both the Majlis A’Shura (Consultative Council) and the Majlis A’Dawla (State Council). Women hold official positions at all levels, serve in the military, and account for almost half of government employees.

In the private sector one finds women working not only as regular employees but also in management and executive positions, and as CEOs and owners. No industry is closed to women. Omani law mandates maternity leave and equal pay for equal work.

All present laws and regulations in Oman give equal opportunities to women in trade, labor, civil service and social insurance.

The government established literacy centers and made education compulsory for girls, and quite successfully! Since then the percentage of women studying has grown to the point that it became necessary to allocate quotas for men at the Sultan Qaboos University.

There are also a variety of clubs and associations which are concerned with women's issues. These are entrusted with teaching, training and the expanding the number of possiblities for women. Whether or not a woman is married, she should be able to earn a living and contribute to the financial security of the family.

At many mosques one finds special prayer rooms especially for women. Women learn about religion and the Quran from other women who are specialized in these matters. To achieve this end the "Centre for the Religious Instruction of Women" was founded, where women also teach.