Requirements for Exhibitors

The exhibitor shall ensure that the exhibition is properly hung and presented, which will require the use of either free-standing display walls, or from wall-mounted hooks or ceiling-mounted wires. A minimum of approx. 24 meters of horizontal wall space is needed to properly display the exhibition.

If there are secure vitrines or other display cases on hand, application may also be made for replicas of historic Qurans and manuscripts, and other artifacts, such as a painted camel shoulder bone which was used for teaching sura to children.

Two pop-up panels
(measuring 90 x 218 cm) are also provided, which are well-placed at the entrance, or at the sides of any stage or podium.

The film "Religious Tolerance in Oman," produced to accompany the exhibition, is provided in DVD format to be shown publicly and free of charge during the exhibition, and a carton containing approx. 200 copies of the DVD
to be distributed free of charge to exhibition visitors.

It is the obligation of the exhibitor to advertise the exhibition adequately in advance, to distribute the invitations, and to organize an opening ceremony.

The exhibitor shall bear the costs of

  • security and having the exhibition adequately protected and insured while on premises

  • the printing of exhibition details on the posters and invitation cards

  • catering, room rental, audiovisual equipment, and other supplies etc. at the opening ceremonies

The exhibitor shall also ensure that all the press and other media publications will be collected and submitted to the exhibition producers, after completion of the exhibition.

There is no cost to the exhibitor for the transport, delivery and pick-up of the exhibition panels, or collateral materials. All such costs will be borne by the exhibition producers. If the number of brochures, posters, invitations, or DVDs is deemed inadequate due to number of visitors expected to attend the opening ceremony, application may be made for additional copies of each.

Under special circumstances additional support may be offered by Oman's Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs. If your institution is planning to present this exhibition in conjunction with another event or series of events, please contact us to discuss your intentions and requirements.

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Organization and Design: Georg Popp ARABIA FELIX GmbH Synform and Alex Moll, Ausstellungen und Medien