Oman's Message of Islam

The Sultanate of Oman has been been sharing its peaceful philosophy at home and abroad for centuries. Oman's Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs has been promoting interfaith dialogue for decades.

"We have three population groups on earth: the first, consisting of Christians, Jews and Muslims, who believe in one God and a holy book; the second, atheists, who have lost all confidence in religion; and the third group, representing a variety of religious and spiritual ideas. We endeavor to maintain a constructive and genuine dialogue with scholars and representatives of all these groups."

"The aim of exchange is to reflect on the foundations of our thinking, a common morality and a common sense of justice. For only when we are aware of these similarities and they form a basis for our actions, while accepting cultural differences, will we and our children enjoy a peaceful future."

Sheikh Abdullah al-Salimi
Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs


On this page you can find a variety of different films and videos, audio reports as well as old manuscripts.


An exhibition touring the world, promoting religious tolerance, mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence.


The efforts of Oman for understanding and peace between the people outside and inside the country seen from the perspective of international observers and the media.


Ibadhiyah is a distinct school of thought of Islam, neither Sunni nor Shi'ite, that emerged in the early Islamic period and remains today in small pockets of Africa and dominant in Oman.


For many years the government of Oman is promoting interfaith dialogue to foster religious tolerance, mutual understanding, and peaceful coexistence on a global scale.